Spiritual Healer / Consultant



Angel Shontara
At last, we have found each other. I’ve been waiting a very long time to reconnect with you – again!

My name Shontara means ‘the Rose of Love’. This is who I am, as you are too. You just don’t know that yet. So please, let me assist in reawakening your memory about your true identity and purpose. I can do this in so many different ways. It’s simple really. I can show you how, in part, now.

All you have to do is take my hand in yours (energetically speaking) and give me permission to take you on a magical mystery tour of my website that will enable you to be more empowered than what you already are.

Most certainly, there could be whole sections I have written about that are not exactly your cup of tea. That’s okay, skip those bits. Just take what you need and discard the rest. It’s okay. We are all unique souls, with different needs and different learning capabilities.

Some will travel along their spiritual path at a slow and steady pace like the majestic turtle, while others will fly by at lightning speed. It’s not a competition to see who can get to their ideal destination first. In fact, it’s not about the destination at all.

It’s about enjoying the journey and we can do this by embracing and feeling every step that we take in life. Like the tree, there are many branches to follow. If you don’t like where a particular branch leads you, allow yourself the right to turn around and head in a new and better direction. Be brave as you explore the inner you.

Are you ready now? Let’s go.

If not and you choose never to return to my Internet residence, please allow me this opportunity to wish you an abundant supply of Angel blessings that can only bring to you good health, great wealth, unconditional love, inner peace, practical knowledge and wisdom. Wow, what a full on wish that is. I’ll have what you’re having, please .



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