A bomb was about to fall upon my head

Plane 8

So, who believes in past lives / reincarnation ? My first ever grand mal experience I had was possibly about 20 years ago but remember it clearly as if it was just today or yesterday. I was walking down Isles Love Lane in Brisbane (it’s still there) in the City. Halfway down this alleyway, I heard the engine of a light plane flying overhead. That’s okay but in the next second, as I was walking passed the back entrance of a building, a siren sounded (fire alarm I think it was). When these two sounds combined together to make one, I ducked for cover, as I truly believed a bomb was about to fall upon my head. The other strong impression was I had just stepped back into war torn London in the early 1920s perhaps. So here I was, in this physical reality, crouching in the alleyway, with my head bent down and hands protecting it from getting hit. Thankfully, no-one saw me, as I realised later. Because when everything subsided (and it was only a minute), I picked myself up, dusted myself off and looked around, realising at that instant what had really happened. Felt like a bit of a goose but nonetheless, it felt real, so my physical body reacted accordingly to the perceived threatening situation. I don’t truly know if I died at that time in that past life. It’s not important to know but all I know is I would never forget this truly mind blowing and quite unexpected experience. I have had more pleasant ones since – Shontara

Did you know that Angels do not necessarily need to have wings to travel from Point A to Point B?

Who believes in their existence?  What is your most memorable Angel story you have personally experienced?  For me, I first experienced my Angels late one night when I was 13 years old but it would not be for another 7 years that I would find out the truth of that particular event.  So, let’s flashback to when I was 13 – I needed to go to the toilet (as we do).  I don’t know why but I was not keen on walking through the house in the dark and always insisted upon turning the lights on in each room I passed through, as I then felt more comfortable.  From my bedroom to the toilet, I had to walk through four rooms – lounge, dining. kitchen and finally the laundry.  When I got to the dining room and about to enter the kitchen, my body was covered in chills, like someone had just walked over my grave.  Along with this physical feeling, it was also accompanied by a feeling of great fear, as I could sense very strongly there was a man standing behind me but could not see him.  I did not consciously know about Angels at that stage but have always had visions at night since I was 3 years old.  Anyway, out loud I spoke to this Being and I said ‘please go away and leave me alone’.  When I said that, the chills and the male presence lifted and the atmosphere around me returned back to normal.  I continued going to the toilet, returned back to bed and fell asleep.  I never mentioned this grand mal experience to anyone, until 7 years later 🙂  Do you remember your first time meeting with your Angel, even if you didn’t realise it, like me, at the time – Shontara


To visualise these sound effects would be like watching a moving rainbow as it sweeps through your home, work and the nature surrounding you.

Rainbow Earth 2

Did you know that each time you chant, tone, sing or hum, the nature that surrounds you actually sparkle and depending upon what note you hit and your intent, the object such as a tree, flowers, grass, water, etc. can also change colour from one instance to the next. The only way I could describe it in a way you may understand is like watching a moving rainbow in action, as the sound reaches its target and beyond. You energise and heal Nature and people around you, along with your own body. As you chant your mantras or sing your songs, you’re adding to the energy of everything and everyone on this Planet and beyond into other dimensions and realms you have not yet imagined could ever exist. And just a final word about the birds and dolphins in particular, as well as other animals living on this planet; they all play a very special role in balancing Earth by using their own unique language of sounds to heal. This same process I have just described also happens to our thoughts. When you have a negative thought process that you cannot or will not let go of, the colours of your aura or energy field becomes discoloured that can range from pale grey to black. This is what can make us physically sick if left unchecked over a long period of time. This can be remedied however by taking a sideways step and refocusing upon something that makes us feel happy rather than dwelling upon what or who it is that made us feel angry or sad in the first place.  Now there’s something worthwhile to think about.  So get to it.  Start chanting, toning, singing and humming in order to heal the world and make it a better place for all who live here – SHONTARA