The Angel Within

43,300 words
144 pages
Published: 2000
Publisher: Joshua Books
ISBN: 095780710

Table of Contents

Cost: $20

The Angel Within

I was guided to share some of my personal traumas that shaped my future for the better. I say it was for the better, because I was lucky enough to possess the knowledge of how to communicate and work with the Angels to be a success in life rather than a failure in a down to earth, practical and creative way. Perhaps you will relate to some of what I have been through and if so, allow my solutions to inspire you to take positive action to become a full time Captain of your own flying machine.


  • You will learn how to heal yourself – physically, emotionally, psychically & spiritually;
  • You will become more tolerant and understanding about the problems of others;
  • You will have your questions answered – you know the ones I mean (those questions that you were always afraid to ask);
  • You will recall, certain memories and fears, that are holding you back;
  • It will be easier for you to forgive – yourself and others

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The Apostles – A PERSONAL Biography

The Apostles -A Personal Biography

180,000 words
629 pages
Published: 2010
Publisher: Sid Harta Books
ISBN:1 921642 12

Table of Contents

Cost: $35

The Apostles

I was chosen to be ‘The Voice’ for the Apostles because they wanted their PERSONAL stories to be told from a non-religious and non-judgmental perspective. Today, I am a ‘clairaudient’ trance channeller, who just happens to have lived a past life with them, initially as a childhood friend to Matthew. As an adult, I later became his trusted scribe, confidante and travelling companion.
Through them relating about their fears, loves and ambitions, we have a clear opportunity to learn from their experiences by taking that information now, to create a healthier future for ourselves and those around.


  • More acceptance, patience, tolerance and respect for yourself and others;
  • The ability to be more concise in your communications with others and where you will stop to think first, before you speak with fork tongue;
  • A sense of trusting your intuition and where a large proportion of doubt will be eliminated from your psyche;
  • Less of a desire to struggle against problems and obstacles you may have to confront on a sometimes daily basis;
  • You will receive the motivation needed to turn your dreams into reality and to accept that nothing is impossible, if you should believe.