“Thanks to you Shontara, I am now a CANCER SURVIVOR. The medical profession will tell you that nothing can be done for patients with spinal cancer and that it is a terminal illness. Added to that, my decision NOT to undergo chemo or radiotherapy, my Oncologist cannot explain how my spinal tumour reduced dramatically within the first two weeks of ‘toning’. He had the physical proof, as on a weekly basis, I would undergo a lumbar puncture, which doctors use as a diagnostic tool. I told him the truth and as he shook his head in amazement, gave me and yourself his unofficial blessing and told us to continue” – MELANIE


To someone who has never experienced this particular healing mode before, it could be likened to when you listen to the chant of a Buddhist monk, native American Indian or Australian Aboriginal. Alternatively, singers utilise sound therapy every moment they train, as they go up and down the music scale, which comprises seven notes that correspond to the seven chakras or seven main organs of the physical body.

To hum, laugh or to cry is another form of sound therapy. My alternative term for what I do is ‘toning’. Also, you can experience this healing modality by tuning in to Mother Nature in the form of the dolphins and birds, as they do it too. And here you thought it was something new. And the great news is, Sound Therapy does not rely upon faith/belief, for it to work.

Some of the more powerful healings I have done have been with those people, who have admitted at the beginning of thepurple-rose session, that they were skeptics. Did you note the word ‘were’ in the previous sentence? A dramatic shift of consciousness happens normally within the first five minutes, where they have no choice but to happily put their skepticism aside. It is these very same non-believers who have gone on to be my best and most ardent admirers, supporters and promoters. Therefore, a skeptic is often my favourite type of person I like to work with. The change within them is normally extraordinary rather than just ordinary.

In fact, this technique is twofold in its purpose. Firstly, it can be used as a diagnostic tool to pinpoint the real cause of your physical pain, while secondly it releases any build up of emotional, mental and spiritual blockages, which have been created, as a result of experiencing ongoing and stressful situations. For me, it’s not enough just to take your pain away. I need to give you all the facts in regards to what has caused the physical problem in the first place. In other words, I don’t just treat the symptoms, I treat the cause.

The information I give to you in regards to this cause, is up to you as to whether you do anything about it or not. But I would be neglectful in my duty if I did not tell you, as to what aspects of your life you need to change, in order to bring about permanent and long term effectiveness. I do this so I may empower you, where you can accept that you have the ability to heal yourself.

shontara-logoYou could say that I see myself as playing the role of a teacher, an educator. I help you to see that due to a lifetime of self sabotage, as a result of not letting go of consistent negative thinking, feeling, actions, attitudes and beliefs, that this can all have a detrimental effect and impact on your overall general good health and well being. Once you can see your truth clearly (and I give examples), you can then become independent and thus take control over your own destiny. You become totally responsible and self reliant. Once you have been given the keys to this inner power, you no longer need me and once taught, this is where we must part company, for I do NOT wish to become anyone’s ‘healing guru’ on a long term basis.

I would also advise strongly that this ancient healing technique is not to be used only when needed, such as when you are sick or in pain. In order for it to have any real effect over a long period of time, it needs to be done on a daily basis, as you would by cleaning your teeth, brushing your hair, having a shower and getting dressed, in order to begin your day.

I believe in the philosophy of ‘prevention is better than cure’. Life remains balanced then, as does your emotions.

I do not wish for you, or the whole of humankind, to suffer unnecessarily as a result of ignorance and blindness. This state of un-consciousness is largely self inflicted.

In-depth Explanation

This healing power first comes from within. It is then taken over, carried forward and dispersed outwards by an energy force far greater and more powerful than myself. Some people would refer to this energy force as being God, The Universe, the Cosmos, the Holy Spirit, the Divine or Angels, just to name a few. As far as I’m concerned and regardless of what religious or spiritual beliefs you hold, those different terms all essentially mean the same thing and they all originate from the one place. This energy, coincidentally, is what keeps us all alive, our chakras spinning, our bodies functioning, the planets turning, as well as the expansion of other galaxy systems, far beyond our own sight and comprehension. Therefore, we all belong to this energy force and as such, you could say we are all part of this one big Universal family. This is our true spiritual home but it does not lay out there somewhere in Heaven or Nirvana. It resides within our heart and soul. It is free for all to use and that includes you, if you so choose. I merely teach people how to do this. On a physical and energetic level, I remain both separate and together. I am, and you are, this energy force that I’m talking about. None of us, I believe, have enough power to ever break this connection completely, thankfully. I am working purely from my heart and not from ego and bring forward the Christ Consciousness. But by saying that, please understand that this healing technique I use is not based on any one particular religion or philosophy. It just is. No more and no less than that. Besides which, many other ancient cultures and tribal nations of today have been practicing what I am now doing since the beginning of time, in many different forms.


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