This guided meditation promises to take you beyond the stars and on, to a heart felt journey towards world peace and wouldn’t that be nice! By producing this CD and passing it on to the many, is just one of the many gifts I will be presenting to the world. What you do with this guided meditation is left to your discretion and free will but I would be neglectful in my duty to Spirit by not giving you this extra information as to how you can get the most out of it for yourself. After playing it (25 minutes approx), write down on a piece of paper all of what you heard, felt, saw or just knew. Don’t leave anything out. Even if you think it’s irrelevant or you may not understand it. It’s all important, once you take everything else into account. That’s the first step. The second step is to then read it out loud and while reading it, use your intuition to underline certain key words that represent your thoughts and feelings (or alternatively it could be a symbol). The second stage after listening to the CD is now complete but it doesn’t just end there. Step three is to then take those single key words you underlined and write them on a clean separate sheet of paper as seen in the example below:

Reality, Fearless, Compassion, Doubt, Accept, Total, Harmony


Step four – using the last word first and working backwards in that order, string two or three of these words together to form a sentence while not forgetting to write a positive message in the first person and if by chance you have underlined a ‘negative’ word, don’t ignore it. Just put it into a more practical and constructive context. The more you add to the already existing words, the clearer the message from Spirit. Using the above words as an example, would be as follows:

When my spiritual self or soul is in harmony with my physical and mental bodies, I can then achieve total balance in my life, where everything becomes complete. I accept that even though I may doubt my purpose from time to time and feel it’s all too hard, someone will always step in to remind me of the great love and compassion I have, to be of service to humankind, that once again makes me fearless, powerful, enthusiastic and driven to live out my destiny to its fullest potential and be simply the best that I can be. This is my reality.
pink rose macro close up


By completing all these steps, you have not only experienced a pleasant and relaxing half hour, while healing yourself and the world, you will actually have gone beyond that, to receive some down to earth practical answers for yourself which can then be put into practice today to ensure your success tomorrow.

Many facilitators of meditation circles play beautiful guided meditations but take it no further. Part of my destiny is to push the boundaries and take people beyond their self imposed limitations and doubts. To experience a state of wishful thinking for world peace or inner peace for a short while, is not enough. More action is needed and it first begins within ourselves.

I am also being directed to say that this meditation CD can be played more than once and each time, it will be different. New answers will emerge, while Planet Earth and its many inhabitants will also receive a healing at the same time.

Please feel free to pass it on and allow others the pleasure of listening to it as well. If anyone else wants to buy their own copy, let them know how they can contact me. The places you go to by listening to this CD is not to be kept a secret. Share it freely with others.


With my warmest regards and best wishes.