A bomb was about to fall upon my head

Plane 8

So, who believes in past lives / reincarnation ? My first ever grand mal experience I had was possibly about 20 years ago but remember it clearly as if it was just today or yesterday. I was walking down Isles Love Lane in Brisbane (it’s still there) in the City. Halfway down this alleyway, I heard the engine of a light plane flying overhead. That’s okay but in the next second, as I was walking passed the back entrance of a building, a siren sounded (fire alarm I think it was). When these two sounds combined together to make one, I ducked for cover, as I truly believed a bomb was about to fall upon my head. The other strong impression was I had just stepped back into war torn London in the early 1920s perhaps. So here I was, in this physical reality, crouching in the alleyway, with my head bent down and hands protecting it from getting hit. Thankfully, no-one saw me, as I realised later. Because when everything subsided (and it was only a minute), I picked myself up, dusted myself off and looked around, realising at that instant what had really happened. Felt like a bit of a goose but nonetheless, it felt real, so my physical body reacted accordingly to the perceived threatening situation. I don’t truly know if I died at that time in that past life. It’s not important to know but all I know is I would never forget this truly mind blowing and quite unexpected experience. I have had more pleasant ones since – Shontara