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This term ‘spiritual counselling’ could mean many things to a variety of people. For me, it’s listening to Spirit and discerning the truth in what is said or not by the speaker.

But I’m not here to do all the work. I need your participation, other than talking, to come up with a solution to your problem or fear. So how are we going to do this?

What you read here and now may change by the time you contact me. You see, I am a medium or channeller who works with some very highly evolved Spirit Light Beings and as such, they do not have a fixed picture of what should or should not happen. Neither do I and neither should you. It will evolve naturally in their timing and not necessarily in ours. Keeping that piece of information in the back of your mind, this is how one of our counselling sessions may look.

Step 1 – You speak for 30 minutes, uninterrupted, without the added fear of being judged by your listener. Now, this in itself is priceless and pretty astounding when you really think about it. How many people do you know, that includes yourself, that can truly say they are ever given free reign to speak for 30 minutes about their fears and negative emotions of a particular situation?

Step 2 – While you are pouring out your heart and soul for no more than 30 minutes (or less if you are concise), I will be writing down certain key words that you will be working with later.

Step 3 – I read to you what I have written and then have you in turn take control of the pen (that is your solution). This is where you are taught the reality of automatic or channelled writing by Guidance. Please, don’t think for a moment you can’t do this, because you can. In fact, you have done it many times in the past and you will again in the future. You just know it as a different name ☺ So please fear not, I will be there to hold your other hand whilst undergoing the most uplifting transformation where you turn your present negative situation into a positive short term goal, that you can take action on, right now. Be proud of what you will accomplish.

Step 4 – I will then pass on to you some extra tips, hints and techniques that can assure you achieve long term future success in the areas of health, wealth and happiness.

Important Cautionary Note

These spiritual counselling sessions are different
to the Psychic Readings I do for people.
Please, don’t confuse the two.
If you need clarification,
please contact me.


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