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What is this term ‘Vipassana’?

For those who are not aware, Vipassana (pronounced veepassiona) is a very special meditation technique that Guatama Buddha discovered and used to become enlightened and empowered.

He became so impassioned about what he was given, Buddha passed this simple but valuable healing tool on to others so they, like him, could free themselves from their own bondage of suffering and misery they had created and by doing so, he helped place their feet firmly upon the path of experiencing on a deep feeling level, the true meaning of peace, love, happiness and harmony.

Regardless of your own religious or spiritual beliefs, it’s a technique that helps everyone – not just Buddhists – to delve deeply into the framework of the body and mind to purify and eradicate on a permanent basis both intense and subtle emotional and physical pain.


Please understand that what follows is just my experience. If you later learn this same technique, you could experience the same, similar or different things because we are all unique and each individual will have their own assorted past karma and pain to work through. This is also not a complete list. Originally, I had written down twenty five valuable lessons I had learned whilst there, but by listing them all then made this a very long article for you to read. So, as editor of my own website, I cut it down to seven points only, which was not easy for me to do. What remains though, is not written in any priority order and they are:


  • Not to be so overcome with my own self importance, influence and power while helping to change the lives of others in a good way
  • That my life and my very being is constantly changing
  • I have learnt that some of my truths that I thought were important or real are no longer relevant in my life
  • To not react to any person, situation or object with either craving or aversion
  • To experience the reality of becoming a non-being which is in complete harmony with the Universal Laws of Nature and where there are no thoughts, no feelings, no body
  • To realise the large majority of my fears that I have are totally unfounded and which are based on things that my mind alone has created
  • To deal immediately with negative emotions as they arise within, and to observe them objectively

There were also many physical benefits by doing this technique but briefly I discovered to my joy that any stress lines on the face (although I didn’t have many to begin with) disappeared; I had more flexibility of my physical joints; I developed stronger back, neck and shoulder muscles; my spine became straighter and best of all, I came to enjoy a wholesome, tasty vegetarian diet for those ten days.


So whether you are young or old, male or female, religious or atheist, rich or poor, healthy or sick, beggar or prince, this is the course for you but one word of warning here – it is not for the faint hearted. Also a sincere commitment must be made before immersing oneself in this energy field of your own healing power. The teacher and assistant teacher is just there to guide and answer questions when necessary. It is you that must put in the long hours of hard work, dedication and strong determination. This then needs to be ongoing. Just two hours a day – one hour in the morning and another hour in the evening. This may seem like a long time but the benefits are worth it, I have no doubt of this. And if you truly feel that one hour twice a day is just not practical, that’s okay. Do two x 15mins sessions instead. This too will be of great benefit.

And if some of you are wondering why I haven’t written anything on the actual technique, this is best left to the experts. For more information, tune into their website at They have centres not only in every state of Australia but they have teaching centres based all around the world. So really, there is no excuse in regards to location or even financial status, because all they ask of you is payment by donation. Therefore, you give what you can afford or none at all, if this is your situation.