May I have the pleasure of writing your individual
Life Purpose Song?

In the meantime, what you see below is My Life Purpose Song expressed on paper. Believe it or not, this song was sung to me by a Heavenly Choir of Angels while I was being born into this beautiful world. This song has been brought to my conscious attention, so I may once again enjoy its magical power each time I sing it to myself. This song is like my DNA being set to music that can heal all manner of problems in my life when chanted or sung daily. It’s specifically designed to help me truly live my purpose.



My First Time Experience of its Effectiveness

For two weeks, I practiced singing my song with great enthusiasm at any time of the day or night. One sunny afternoon while enjoying a cup of tea and cake with a friend, I received a phone call. It was not a long conversation but it was long enough to make me feel fearful, anxious and angry. I hung up the phone in an awful emotional state. I did not want to hold on to it but did not quite know how I could release these feelings quickly, until my Angels whispered in my ear to simply sing my song. I thought okay, I’ll give it a go and within a minute of beginning, all fear, anxiety and anger completely lifted. I was nothing short of amazed, whilst my friend both saw and felt the change within me. I continued singing for 5 minutes, by which time I felt completely relaxed and re-energised. Problem solved. This is an experience I could never forget. It changed my reactions and awareness, forever. I could never go back to the way I was.

How do I do this?

All I need is your birth name (NOT your married name or preferred name), along with your date of birth. That’s all. Any personal information given to me remains confidential.

I will also type up a brief interpretation of what you are seeing, so you may understand better what I have created for you and which will help you to turn any weaknesses or fears into a strength. And most importantly, I will sing it to you that first time and will also reveal how you can work with it in a practical way.

It would truly give me so much pleasure to do this, as you are worth it – so please, believe it!

What’s Your Investment?